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: their first release is an essential collection of descriptive sound textures for documentaries and film, an awesome variety of moods and soundworlds are explored. In addition to the 16 main soundscapes are over 50 ‘Soundtrack Tools’ with which you can layer the perfect atmosphere for your visuals, then introduce rhythmic tension/drive and dramatic spot effects with frame accuracy

Action-Cut-Print: filmmaking tips, film and television resources, free ezine for directors, film and TV bookstore directing workshops and movie out-takes

Mona Albert: New York actress, singer, and dancer who has appeared in box office hits such as “First Wives Club,” “Analyze This,” and “Ransom.” SAG-AFTRA online cult film entertainment

Belarus Productions: Minsk-based independent production company, providing assistance to film-makers and broadcast journalists. TV production, film production, crew hire, equipment rent and location scouting in Belarus

Bliss Photography: production stills,PR, location scouting, headshots and more

Boiler Plate: powerful and affordable production budgeting software for independent filmmakers and television producers camera manual store. Browse their huge selection of camera manuals from all major manufacturers. All manuals are available for two-day shipment within the continental U.S.

Cyber Crime Freaks 1.0: a funny independent film site about a computer genius turning to a vengeful hacker. Free downloads, comics, movie trailers, and filmmaking FAQ

Jibraltar 2000: a revolutionary Jib Arm, designed for maximum performance and durability. Incorporating new millennium PVC adaptation. Specifically built for smooth fluid stability, rock solid stops and quick set-up
: one of the world’s most current, accurate and complete online directories of film commissions and media support offices; allowing media professionals to find regional production expertise quickly. Commissions are listed regardless of their affiliation the ultimate online starting point for film-makers & film-lovers! You can rate Reversal on their site here

Indie Backlot: allows independent filmmakers to post jobs, work availability, movie premieres, tips, production news and other items of interest to the independent film and video community. Also a great resource for theater casting and news information everything you want to know about indie films…and the people who make them

Kiwi Film & Video, Asia: a Hong Kong and Singapore based film and video production service company catering to a broad range of clients from around the world; fully-equipped camera crews is their specialty

Mindscape Pictures: Boston, Massachusetts-based motion picture company devoted to unique, character-driven storytelling via high quality video and film production

New England Casting: specializing in posting headshot photos, resumes, contact information, Web sites and more for profiling performers Australia’s most comprehensive courses website. Search & enquire about University, Tafe, Online & Short courses.

Real to Reel Film & Video Festival: filmmakers, video producers, animators, and digital/multimedia artists of all genres and skill levels are encouraged to submit their work for this celebration of the visual art form

Reel Exchange: free classified ads and information for filmmakers

Remote-i: offers low level, close range aerial cinematography and digital videography using advance radio controlled aerial aircraft. Accommodating the creative needs of their customers

Royalty Free Music Library: offerw production music tracks, flash loops and interface sounds from multimedia, creative, businesses and broadcast. Preview, download and purchase royalty free mp3 music online royalty free music library, production music used in broadcasting, Web or multimedia applications. Search by genre, instrument, mood, or tempo, hear your selections, and download the MP3 you choose

Shades of Day: art of independent film and video producing. Official site of VM Productions. Extensive database of film-related sources

Studio 1: XLR audio adapters, Jib Arms, Zoom Controllers and other film/video accessories downloadable MP3 eMusic, eBooks, eArt, plus CDs, books, fine art and films by independent artists

Vision Quest is back: the novel written by Terry Davis is a classic — the story of wrestler Louden Swain’s search for physical and spiritual victory on and off the mats. Read it again — today


Reversal wins Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at Tribecca Film Festival

On the east coast, Reversal captured the award for Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at the IndieVision Film Festival, held at Robert DiNiro's place in Tribeca, New York. Not surprisingly, it was the only sold-out movie at the event!

Malibu Film Festival Winner!

Writer/Producer Jimi Petulla, Tony Danza, Danny Mousetis (lead in film) and Martin Landau.

Going up against heavy hitters like Tony Danza and David Katz, Reversal captured the People's Choice Award for Best Feature Film at the Malibu Film Festival. Who says a movie about wrestling doesn't appeal to people . . .

The festival took place in world-famous Malibu, California. More than 75 filmmakers entered. Other films starred celebrities such as Jerry Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, Karen Black, Andy Dick and Ron Howard. Reversal offered heartfelt performances and a touching story!

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